Exclusive “28-Step Home Marketing Plan”…


Most agents will help you price your property correctly, give you advice on staging, put your home in the MLS, do an open house, handle showings, and possibly put an ad in a local newspaper. 
Better agents will work hard to qualify every buyer who calls and negotiate a higher price for you. 
The BEST agents do all the above while also creating ads and flyers that make your home stand out, taking stunning photos of your home, and getting maximum exposure for your home on the Internet.


Company Objectives


I have 5 main objectives to help you sell your home fast and for top dollar…


1.   Maximum Exposure
To expose your home to the maximum number of interested and capable buyers.


2.   Build Desire
To educate all interested prospects on the unique features and lifestyle benefits your home offers.


3.   Higher Net Proceeds
To help you get the highest possible sales price for your home.


4.   Hassle-Free Process
To make the listing and sales process easy, convenient, and problem-free for you.


5.   Staging Assistance
To educate and assist you in the most effective ways to present your home for the greatest buyer impression.


Marketing Plan Elements [Note: These are examples, customize for your own practice.]


PART #1: How I Will Get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE To Buyers For Your Home


The Basics (what you get with most agents)

1.   Submit your home listing for exposure to over 4,000 active agents in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system. 

2.   Maximize showing exposure through professional signage and use call or text capture technology to follow-up with interested buyers.

3.   Promote your home to the public through Open Houses.


Extras (what I will do to sell your home)

4.   Present copies of your home listing to 138 of our company’s active agents who, each day, work with interested and capable buyers.

5.   Personally contact the 5 real estate agents who recently sold a home in the area because they likely know others who may want to buy your home.  In addition, I will let my entire database of current clients, past clients, Facebook Fans and Friends know about your home.

6.   Create a Single Property Website where your home will have a unique domain and be syndicated to over 30 major property search websites including Trulia and Zillow.

7.   Add your home to the Featured Listings on my personal website that is optimized to rank high in the world’s most popular search engine, Google.com, for local search terms used by buyers.

8.   Create an engaging video tour from photos of your home and add it to the video sharing site YouTube.com so more buyers can notice your home’s unique features and benefits.

9.   Create an ad to post on Craigslist.org and repost it regularly for hundreds of local buyers to find.

10. Create an ad for your property on Facebook.com and pay for it to be shown 10,000 to people in the local area.  This is the world’s largest social networking site and people of all ages and demographics in your area visit this site every single day, including many ready-to-act buyers.

11. Send a personalized letter to residents in your neighborhood promoting the features and lifestyle benefits of your home, and personally speak with a minimum of 20 of your neighbors about your home, neighborhood benefits, and their knowledge of potential buyers.

12. Place your home listing in our exclusive Relocation Program national database.

13. Promote your home in at least 4 company-sponsored local magazine and newspaper advertisements with combined circulation of 1,200,000 readers.


PART #2: How I Will BUILD DESIRE For The Right Buyer To Want YOUR Home


The Basics (what you get with most agents)

14. Create a custom publicity flyer of the features of your home and reproduce copies for distribution.


Extras (what I will do to sell your home)

15. Create a custom flyer of features and lifestyle benefits of your home for highly-motivated buyers and cooperating agents showing your home to get from the listing info-box.

16. Create a custom “listing book” to be placed in your home for buyers to reference home features, lot, utility, and tax information, neighborhood benefits, schools, shopping, medical, and other buyer benefits.


PART #3: How I Will Get You The HIGHEST NET PROCEEDS For Your Home


The Basics (what you get with most agents)

17. Represent you in contract negotiations with buyers to help generate the highest selling price for the home.


Extras (what I will do to sell your home)

18. Track all home showing agents and public visitors using special sign-in sheets so I can personally speak with the most interested buyers for your home – possibly ones willing to pay full asking price.

19. Follow-up on all agents who have shown your home to answer questions, and further motivate them to show the property to their highest-quality buyers.

20. Educate you and potential buyers on the numerous methods of financing the purchase of your home so their offer is closer to your asking price.




The Basics (what you get with most agents)

21. Enhance convenience of buyer viewing by placing your home key in a lockbox.

22. Coordinate escrow, financing, and closing activities on your behalf to ensure a smooth, hassle-free closing.


Extras (what I will do to sell your home)

23. Keep you educated and up-to-date on listing and selling market conditions in your area.

24. Update you on all activity regarding your home: agent showings, open house attendance, agent tours, sign inquiries, etc.

25. Ensure that any offers from buyers are pre-qualified and capable of closing on the purchase.

26. Personally deliver your proceeds check at closing of your home.


PART #5:  How I Will Give You STAGING ASSISTANCE To Prepare Your Home


The Basics (what you get with most agents)

27. Present you with professional advice on presenting your home to show exceptionally well, and sell for the greatest possible price. 


Extras (what I will do to sell your home)

28. Give you a list of simple changes to your home to make it more appealing, and a sale more likely, to interested buyers.