By: Joan Campau, Zimmer Marble Co., Inc.

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How to Get a Huge Return on a Small Investment

Selling your house? Would you like to triple, quadruple or even quintuple your money on an investment that makes your home significantly more desirable to potential buyers? There’s a relatively easy, classic and local way to immediately add both a touch of the ‘wow’ factor and lasting value to your home--- bringing you a faster and more lucrative sale.

Think about it: perhaps the second rule of Real Estate (right after “location, location, location”) is that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Intuitively, you know this to be true: if you can’t see yourself feeling clean after a shower in that master bath, you’re unlikely to come in with a full-price offer. Likewise, if the burnt Formica remnants of the previous homeowner’s Thanksgiving dinner are the first thing you see when walking into the kitchen, you’re probably not going to be very enthusiastic about rolling out cookies with Suzy on that countertop. We spend a significant portion of our home lives in the kitchen and bathroom, so when choosing a house to buy, consumers prioritize spaces with clean, functional and attractive surfaces.

In the realm of luxurious kitchens and bathrooms, granite and quartz counters top the charts, and with good reason. Used for thousands of years, from the Ancient Greeks to the 21st century people interested in beautiful, versatile preparation areas have chosen stone. It doesn’t dull or fade over time and won’t peel with high humidity or warp with temperature changes. Expansive swirling veins and subtle color variances make each piece of marble and granite unique, while uniform patterns in quartz and quartzite create a cohesive look across multiple surfaces. For any personal style and all home needs, stone is really the top shelf choice for countertops and vanities.

At this point, you’ve probably agreed with most of the arguments put forth, but are still skeptical that a granite kitchen would be appropriate in your home, and perhaps even an investment you can afford. This is where the math comes in. Over the course of our 40 years in business, we’ve seen homeowners make a $5000 investment in granite countertops for a home that’s been on the market for weeks at a list price of $150,000. As soon as the listing is updated to feature ‘new granite kitchen’ with some photos of bold lines and colors, the house sells for $180,000 as buyers out-bid one another. How’s that for a great return on your investment? In perhaps a more moderate example: a couple with a smaller home on the market for $90,000 are concerned that they haven’t had any bites after featuring their home on the MLS for more than 2 months. They have considered reducing the price, but feel that the location, charm and value of the home really make it worth their listing price. In an effort to help guests at their open house ‘fall in love at first sight’, they spend $2500 updating the kitchen with quartz countertops, and the deal is closed within 2 weeks. Make your home the one buyers remember as ‘the one with that awesome kitchen’ and it will be the one that sells.

Another common concern we hear is that folks “don’t have time” for a major overhaul. To this I would reply that working with a company like ours removes the stress and rapid consumption of time and resources usually associated with renovation projects. Nine times out of ten, simply updating the countertops to quartz or granite is enough to give the kitchen or bathroom an entirely new look. You can even keep the tile backsplash you’ve already got—with hundreds of colors and designs, there will be a stone in our inventory that works well with the feng shui you’ve already got going on. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets is not usually critical unless you can’t get that red wine spill out of the silverware drawer (what were you thinking?!). Nevertheless, a great do-it-yourself home-enhancement project is to just get a gallon or two and put a clean coat on to tie the whole thing together.

When you’re ready, stop by our warehouse and production facility just off of Cooper Street to peruse the options available. If you bring some basic measurements with you, we can identify a few alternatives from within our expansive remnant inventory that will work with your dimensions, and also get you more information on how to view and select other slabs. From there, we send one of our stone professionals out to your house to create a template, cut and polish the stone to your specifications, and then return to install at a mutually convenient time. The whole process can be done in as little as 2 weeks--- that’s the beauty of shopping local.

On the flip side of this whole discussion, if you’ve already bought your house and some of those images of peeling laminate tops and yellowed tubs are a little too close to home, consider upgrading your spaces to something a little bit more luxurious. Home is where we come to back to at the end of the day to relax, prepare meals with the family, and socialize—shouldn’t it be a place where you feel simultaneously clean, comfortable and elegant?

In identifying the hundreds of ways to improve your home’s chances on the market, it makes sense (dollars and cents) to choose those with a nearly guaranteed return on investment. There aren’t many propositions out there as good as this one: make a small investment in your kitchen and bathroom, and be amazed with how quickly and efficiently you’ve closed the deal.

Joan Campau
Director of Business Development
Zimmer Marble Co., Inc.

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